A nice surprise

On Tuesday my usual carer, Kevin, was having a holiday so I was not looking forward to being stuck at home with Dad for the day. However Dad said that we could go out for lunch, my favourite, but would not tell me where. 
At 11:00 we left the house in the car but Dad would still not tell me where we were going. As we left Wokingham it was obvious that it was not going to be somewhere close. Soon we joined the M3 and then the M25, then Dad came off the motorway at a junction that we don’t usually use. But Dad still would not tell me where we were going. This was getting frustrating! 
We made our way through some suburbs and then a quick turn and we were on a single track drive into the country. Then through a large arch and I could see that we were at the Polesden Lacey, National Trust property. As we made our way along the road, the low bright sun was illuminating the red and golden trees against a blue cloudless sky. It all looked very attractive. 
After parking we had a wander around both the gardening and gift shops. Then we walked into the courtyard and there was Granddad Frank and Grandma Jean! 
As it was now lunchtime we made directly for the café where Grandma and I had an extremely tasty sausage and onion gravy dish, with mash and roasted vegetables. Granddad and Dad both had liver and bacon in gravy which they said was very nice (I believe you). For pudding we each had a very nice trifle. After much chatting we then went our separate ways. 
It was a very nice surprise indeed.Picture © James Day.www.nationaltrust.org.uk/polesden-lacey