Apple Day

From apple fritters to toffee apples, apple tasting, and apple juice samples we were treated to an autumn extravaganza of English apples at the Museum of English Rural Life.
There was a competition to see who could create the longest unbroken apple peel, using a mechanical device turned by hand. At one stage Wayne (not wanting to boast) was at the top of the leader board with a length of 253 centimetres. However he was beaten by scores raging from 255 to 300 cm.
The apple fritters with cream and sugar were scrumptious. We also enjoyed a chat with a museum librarian who had some fine old apple recipe books, including one very large book showing colour images of long lost apple varieties and also those that remain. With so many orchards being destroyed over the decades many wonderful varieties are no longer available for us to enjoy.
With apple and spoon races for the children it was a great family day out. I exchanged business cards with a gentleman who was demonstrating apple pressing where you could bring your own apples. On another stall I was able to taste a number of different apple juices before purchasing a bottle of Egremont Russet to enjoy with my tea later. We both enjoyed tasting different apple varieties before Wayne purchased some lovely Jupiter apples for himself.
Before we left we found ourselves drawn towards the café offering a variety of apple cake and apple pie with cream which we tried in vain to resist. Oh, well, a scrumptious and appealing end to our trip.
Cor! What a day.Click the pictures to see some photos.