Back to odd jobs

After my very busy week away in the Lake District we went into Wokingham to do some jobs and look round the usual charity shops today. We started in Waitrose where I had a packet of crisps, and we met some of my old teachers from junior school. Wayne also appeared out of the blue in the café. He was his usual jolly jovial self. 
Next we went to the bank and tried to replace my credit card wallet, which is looking a bit battered. However, they had run out so we will have to try another time. 
Then it was on to Oxfam to restock their shelves with old M&S clothing. In return we got another £5 voucher for August. Afterwards we browsed some CDs and DVDs in various charity shops, but nothing took my fancy today, before collecting a parcel from the Post Office. We also tried the new Morrisons Local, where we bought some Coke and a couple of scotch eggs (other brands available) to share over lunch in Elms