Change of plan

I had arranged to go and watch The Retreat Singers who were performing in Market Place this morning, but while researching for something to do next weekend I came across The Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers Show which was at the Rivermead Leisure Centre today.
We arrived at Rivermead to the sound of steam, whistling, and excited banter from hundreds of model train enthusiasts. With tracks laid out in three different halls there was plenty to see. 
The trains on display were larger ‘O’ and ‘G’ scale models than the ones that I saw at the Rural Life Centre last week. At this show it was more about running the trains than the detail of the model scenery. There were lots of trade stands selling everything that you could wish for to create your own model railway. 
Some layouts were about 50ft long allowing the trains to have a good run and giving the sensation of actually being at a real railway station back in the early 20th century. Wayne and I had a very interesting conversation with some enthusiasts who operate model railways in their back gardens amongst the shrubs and flowers, a really natural setting. They said that open days occur throughout the year for members of the public and there are special days for invited guests.The one thing that you couldn’t miss was the smell of steam and oil so if you closed your eyes you could let your imagination run