Dinton Pastures

As the sunny weather continued again today we decided to take a drive to Dinton Pastures. My carer said that we might get a rare surprise although we ought to be expecting it. What? A riddle? How can it be an expected surprise? I like mysteries. 
So we set off only to find the car park packed with leisure seekers who had clearly heard that this might be the last day of summer, before the rain returns. We eventually found a handy spot to park and then made our way past the playground, which was surprisingly quiet for the number of cars in the car park, and then on to the main lake, which is called Black Swan Lake. 
As we approached the lake, ducks and geese came towards us looking for any offerings of food that we might have, but I wasn’t planning on sharing my lunch with anybody! There were Mallards, Canada Geese, very vocal Egyptian Geese and Swans a plenty, all looking for a snack. They were lucky because they didn’t have to wait too long before someone arrived with a bag of bread. It was then that the tranquil lake turned into a bit of a frenzy. 
We headed off down to the sailing club in search of ducklings and goslings that are so common at this time of year. However, we saw nothing that you could call a surprise… Then suddenly my carer got very excited and turned me towards the lake. To my surprise there was a pair of Black Swans, with bright red bills gliding towards us from across the lake. They came really very close to us and then went to enjoy a snack with all the others. 
What a bizarre sight, those two Black Swans in the midst of all their white cousins. It was a surprise after all.dintonpastures.co.uk