Drat and double drat

Despite the financial news today announcing a plus 0.6% in output and growth etc, it hasn’t prevented one of my favourite retailers from going into administration. Namely, ModelZone where I have previously purchased many of my Scalextric models during my trips out to Reading. Huge discount, closing down prices greeted us, but oh no, a smaller sign announced that the sale does not include Scalextric or Hornby. Drat and double drat. One less place to shop in Reading. 
We still managed to lift our spirits by partaking in a cooling drink and a slice of chocolate caramel shortcake in Boswells Cafe, Butts Centre. 
Later on I had my packed lunch on the bridge overlooking the river and watching some adventurous children Zorbing (large inflatable clear plastic balls on a pool of water with children inside trying to keep their balance). What a sight. 
Bought another newspaper with headlines about Prince George for my royal baby news items collection.