Happy Birthday Grandma

Although it was Saturday I got up at the normal time for a weekday and bleary eyed eat my breakfast to prepare myself for the day ahead. Once Dad had packed the car, I got in and we set off. Before I could say "Are we there yet" we made a quick pit stop for petrol. Travelling through the Berks, Bucks countryside we made our way to the M40. We were on our way to see Grandma in Liverpool. 
The sat nav showed that the road ahead was clear so we were in for a quick journey. Another pit stop before Birmingham for a driver change and a bite to eat and we were on our way again. However the sat nav now showed that there may be trouble ahead (cue for a song). Sure enough we were soon stuck in slowly moving traffic. After what seemed like forever this cleared and we were on our way again. 
Arriving at Grandma’s we were greeted by some of our relatives who had already arrived. In the kitchen the table was laden with a glorious array of food to be eaten later. After chatting and catching up on the family news we decided that it was time to eat. Going into the kitchen the sight and smell of a number of Sainsbury’s party platters wafted to greet us. There was also an enormous bowl of Kettle Crisps. Other brands available. After singing Happy Birthday we had a slice of Grandma’s birthday cake. 
With pleasantly full tummies we sat in the garden talking and laughing in the sunshine. At 6 o’clock I enjoyed sneaking away with one of my cousins to watch the Formula 1 qualifying from Canada. 
The following morning we made our way back to Berkshire.