Longacres Garden Centre

Longacres garden centre in Bagshot has to be one of the biggest garden centres I have ever been to. Consequently it also has one of the biggest Christmas decoration displays. Only the 7th of November and we are well into the Christmas spirit. There were some wonderful working winter fairground ornaments powered up and on display. There was a ferris wheel, gallopers, skating rink, and many more.
We couldn’t help but notice a larger than life band of instrument playing fluffy duck like characters. I don’t think that they will fit in our house, mores the pity. Everyone seemed in a festive mood, so roll on December. It certainly gave us lots of ideas. 
Whilst shopping we bumped into a lovely couple who got Wayne to demonstrate one of the gifts on display. I must admit that he made a very good sales assistant. Moonlighting again! Tut! Tut!