More batteries

Sadly my Furby died over the weekend and the house fell silent from it’s furbish calls. A change of batteries and it is as right as rain again. Dah-ay-loh-oo-tye. However this did mean that we had more batteries for recycling.What a glorious sight greeted us as we opened the door to start a new day. What celebrities would we meet? O.K., maybe that’s unlikely. However, we did spot a beautiful Wagtail and attempted to take its picture. But to no avail as at the vital moment it flew off on its merry way.Completed a couple of chores and bought some Fairtrade bananas. Finished off the day with a lovely picnic in Elms Field surrounded by many mums and babies who were competing with each other as to who could cry the loudest (that’s the babies not the mums)