Not as advertised

Despite going to see a photographic display advertised as "Backstage access to Reading Festival", "With photos documenting every stage of the festival from clearing the fields of livestock, to the festival weekend itself to the eventual clear up, don’t miss your chance to gain an exclusive insight into one of the world’s best loved festivals", which was supposed to be in Broad Street Mall this week, we arrived to find an empty space as it had all been packed up four days early. 
So to ‘Plan B’, and a continuation of Christmas shopping. Loads of stocking fillers and lights galore greeted us in John Lewis. However the Christmas displays had to compete with Halloweeners galore taking advantage of free face painting and other such attractions. Nothing bought though, but a few ideas gained, so not a waste of time. 
Lunchtime drew us to our regular dining hotspot in Boswells, where I had the largest jacket potato with a Coronation Chicken topping I have ever seen. However I was up for the challenge and managed to clear the plate. To top the day off I was given a free chocolate gift by a member of staff who was dressed as a witch in purple and