Reading Museum

Today I went to Reading Museum to see the John Tweed exhibition in the Sir John Madejski Art Gallery. John Tweed was an artist who created many sculptures and war memorials which can be found in Britain and around the world. The exhibition is on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the summer. There were many busts and other sculptures to look at. I enjoyed seeing the drawings he drew to design them next to the real thing. There were also photographs of some statues being unveiled in situ.I am writing this post sitting in Boswells Cafe whilst listening to auditions for the "Has Reading Got Talent" competition. I’ve just heard a stunning young woman sing "At Last". It was very good indeed, maybe even a possible winner.Popped into ModelZone which might stay open despite a closing down sale and looking rather bare. The staff don’t know one way or the other. Whilst there I also met a fellow collector who collects busses – his wife was vainly trying to dissuade him from buying yet another model. A man after my own