Sunny Saturday

As part of Wokingham Town Council’s “Sunny Saturdays” entertainment the Borderline Morris dancers came to perform a series of dances accompanied by piano accordion, piccolo, recorder, guitar and mandolin and tambourine. Dressed in background black and decorated with vivid fluorescent streaks of material covering their arms and legs, they were topped off with a range of wacky headgear.
Some of their routines went by the unusual names of Black Widow and The Devil. We can only imagine that all the whooping, screaming and banging of truncheon like sticks is designed to scare off evil spirits. It certainly made us jump! I did notice Wayne’s feet tapping in time to the music and I’m sure he was desperate to join in. Such a friendly group of people of all ages who made everyone feel welcome. If you get the opportunity to see them you won’t be disappointed.
What was so nice about this type of street entertainment was the friendliness of all the good folk of Wokingham who took time to chat to complete strangers where normally we would just walk past each other.
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