The Lookout

Mooched around Wokingham today. I needed a snack to go with my lunch so I tried the new Walkers Beef Chilli Ridged Crisps. That’s not easy to say, especially with a mouthful of crisps. I also opted for a bottle of Diet Coke (other brands available). 
We did our saving the planet bit by recycling a print cartridge and batteries before heading for a haircut. We thought that mid-morning would be quiet, avoiding the lunchtime rush, but no! There were at least 8 blokes in the queue!! So the hair will have to wait. Maybe the hot weather is making people want to cool off by having less hair. 
We then decided to head for the shade in the woods at the Lookout Discovery Centre, Bracknell Forest. School parties had beaten us to it, but we found a shady picnic table and I enjoyed my