Trip around the local area

Today we went to Woodley Precinct and came across a Cats Protection League sale where they had pin badges and many other items available. My parents will be pleased to know that despite a very appealing picture of homeless cats we did not purchase one. However we did purchase a lovely pin badge for my collection.We then proceeded to a new café/restaurant/bar/lounge (take your pick) called Bosco. Once again a place that is to be commended for being wheelchair friendly in terms of access and space.I couldn’t resist buying an apple muffin to go with my Coke (other brands available). Delicious! Well worth visiting again, perhaps to have something from their varied menu. 
With the weather being so nice we went to Woodford Park to eat lunch. The regular radio club meetings are held in the leisure centre here but I have not had the chance to explore the park. 
On the way home we popped into a few charity shops and spotted in Oxfam a Hornby wind-up toy train set which is bound to be snapped up by a railway enthusiast