Unexpected day out at Cliveden

I had a lie in as it was the Whitsun Bank Holiday. Not much planned, and it looked like the most exciting thing I would be doing would be popping into town for a free drink from Waitrose. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is the Bank Holiday.
Then suddenly there was a Beep, Beep, from my Dad’s phone as a text message arrived from some family friends inviting us out to play. After further communication it was decided to meet at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire. We nipped out to Tesco to choose a picnic lunch before leaving.On arrival at Cliveden there was a queue from the road into the car park, however a wave of my Blue Badge and we were directed towards a Blue Badge car park. Even better, when we arrived there we were waved into a special area reserved for wheelchair users. Getting out of the car we sat down on a bench to wait for our friends to arrive.After a few more Beep, Beeps, they had made their way from the busy car park to where we were waiting and we went together to find somewhere for our picnic. A short walk later we decided to sit in some dappled shade near one of the ponds in the water gardens.
After eating we went into the maze and weaved our way to the plinth in the centre and back again. We then continued our walk, stopping to admire a wonderful fountain, before entering the ornamental Long Garden. This has a wonderful walk with statues, planted garden beds, and topiary either side of the main path. We then went to the Parterre, a magnificent floral display, before finally having a sit down and a cup of tea in the coffee shop.www.nationaltrust.org.uk/cliveden/