Yummy Lunch

Another trip to the Reading Oracle to seek out new adventures. We discovered the World Shop/Cafe which sells fair-trade goods from around the world. It holds a fantastic array of world music from Brazil to India. There is very easy access and the staff are friendly. 
Opposite this shop/cafe is the ‘QUENCH’ Christian book shop in which we had a brief look around for organ music, but none found on this occasion. 
Finally my stomach woke up and demanded food. But where to go? Surely we’ve been everywhere in Reading? But wait a minute, is that a mirage ahead of us, no it’s the Handmade Burger Company. How on earth have we managed to miss it in the past? The answer being that it’s only been open for less than three months. The food is freshly made, offering scores of different flavoured meats to choose from. For example Cajun or Peri Peri. Mmmm, yum yum and indeed it was truly delicious, set in an airy and cool looking venue with friendly staff and prompt service! Highly recommended.www.risc.org.uk/worldshop/