A bit of patriotic flag waving

I couldn’t let St. George’s Day pass without a bit of a patriotic flag waving to mark the occasion. I therefore went to The Royal Albert Hall for the St. George’s Day gala concert. This involves a lot of singing to old English favourites and traditional Proms style flag waving music. With the old English comedian Brian Blessed as the host and compere to keep things moving along. 
I dressed in my knight’s tee shirt and had my large St. George’s Cross flag as a cape. I also had a large red and white inflatable hand that I could wear as a glove and sundry other flags. As the photos show, I was not the only person dressed in red and white, and these people were very kind to allow themselves to be photographed with me. 
The small and sensibly priced program contained a brief introduction to each musical piece, but we could have done with a song sheet. With the whole audience proudly singing "LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY, da di da-di-da da" or "BLUE BIRDS OVER THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER, do do-by de do" it is not quite the same as if they were the real words. 
After two rousing and uplifting halves, followed by two enthusiastic encores, a large number of red and white balloons were released from the ceiling to descend into the audience, marking the end of the concert.