A change is as good as a rest

Today we went for a drink in Wokingham. We tried Oslar coffee shop where we asked for diet Coke but they didn’t have any, and other brands were not available! As I fancied something fizzy I had a rather interesting bottle of Rose Lemonade instead. That’s Rose and not Rosé wine. The lemonade was made by Fentimans and this is the first time I have seen it. It was very refreshing with a hint of ginger and it went down nicely with a packet of flame grilled steal ridged crisps. Yum! 
Then we went up Denmark Street to Market Square and beyond, finally browsing the artwork in TG Art Gallery in Peach Street. There was a very interesting mixture of artistic styles on view. We saw some typical scenery of French canals, Venice, and London, before I was captivated by the animal prints of Alex Clark.www.oslarcoffee.co.uk
www.fentimans.com (may be blocked by your ISP because they also make Ginger Beer)www.tgartgallery.co.uk