A day in Windsor

Today we came to Windsor to meet the Town Crier, Chris Brown, for a private tour of the historically interesting streets and the Guildhall.Windsor is home to a number of oddities such as the shortest street in Britain and the only blue post box. There are also some very ancient buildings including Nell Gwyn’s house. At each one we stopped and Chris gave a brief talk about their significance and history.Chris explained that the castle was originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and has been extended and expanded over the centuries. The surrounding town was built to house and support merchants and traders working in the castle.In the 15th century pilgrims came to the newly rebuilt St. George’s chapel which housed a number of important relics. They used to bring silver pilgrim badges to Windsor to throw in the Thames.During the Second World War a damaged German fighter plane landed on the Long Walk, to much surprise of the local residents. The pilot was captured and taken away, and the plane was put on display as a way to raise money to support British airmen.After the tour of the town Chris took us back to the Guildhall for a tour inside. The upper level is full of magnificent paintings of past and the present monarchs. This led to Chris telling us about Charles’s and Camilla’s wedding.Whist looking at a cabinet full of the town’s silverware, and some of the extravagant gifts that it has received over the years, Chris very kindly gave me a pin badge from his robes of a Windsor Pilgrim. This was a fantastic surprise.
After a hearty lunch we made our way to a spot that Chris had identified earlier as a good vantage point to watch the afternoon Reindeer Parade. The parade was led by Chris in his ceremonial robes and as he got to us he stopped and doffed his hat. He was then followed by a brass band and finally Father Christmas in his sleigh being pulled by reindeer, and followed by a cohort of elves.Many thanks to Chris Brown for a wonderful day.www.windsortowncrier.com