Britain’s biggest professional cycling race

We arrived enthusiastically and early in Camberley to gain the best vantage point for the start of stage 7 of the Tour of Britain bike race. Things started well and we were able to get a photo opportunity with the race organiser, between his interviews with the TV media.We were directed near to the presentation stage as a good vantage point. All the teams cycled up in front of me in turn, got off their bikes, and walked up to the stage. Unfortunately, once they were on the stage I couldn’t really see them as they were to one side. There was also a photographer bobbing up and down in front of me. But I did manage to see Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. After the presentation the cyclist rode off swiftly to form up on the start line.Just before the start a cavalcade of police motorcyclists in full fluorescent yellow uniforms on gleaming BMWs went past to clear the road ahead. Then there was an enthusiastic count down by the ten deep crowds, lead by the commentator, and the race was on. To the sound of banging on the hoardings, horns, and sirens, the cyclists shot off around the streets of Camberley.Once the race was underway it was all over very quickly and the crowds cleared away, giving us the opportunity to get snapped on the start line.The local businesses had made an effort to enter into the spirit of the event. I enjoyed a tasty bacon sandwich from a barbeque from outside of one of the pubs before going home. At home I was able to watch the recorded highlights and the rest of the race on TV as it continued to