Call to Arms

Over the weekend I was enjoying a break away from my parents at Loddon Court. On the Saturday, Wayne picked me up at the usual time and we set off for Theale Green Community School to visit the Newbury & Reading Wargames Society’s Call to Arms event. 
On entry to the school hall we could see exciting tables laid out before us so we paid our £2 each and made our way in. There were tiny battleships, Civil War and World War II soldiers, as well as fantasy characters set up. Around the outside of the main hall were stalls selling scenery, soldiers that you can paint yourself, as well as complete games sets, books and accessory items. 
In a typical war game you throw one or more dice, and depending on the number it lands on you make a move. There were people on hand so that you could have a go if you wanted. 
The school kitchen was serving lunch and I had a chicken salad roll with a coke (other brands available)