Cheeky Chocolate

While doing the Christmas shopping last year I discovered a new business in Windsor called The Chocolate Factory, and with nothing else to do I decided to pay it a visit. Wayne drove us there and we parked in our usual spot in the Alexandra Gardens Car Park. For a change, instead of going straight to the shops we crossed the empty park and made our way to the replica Hurricane. This is here to commemorate Sir Sydney Camm who invented the Hawker Hurricane and was born in Windsor.
After looking at this we walked along the promenade with the swollen Thames gushing past. There were lots of cold and hungry looking swans who came up to us in the hope of some bread. But they were disappointed. When they realised that we were not going to feed them they started a cacophony of squawking, presumably to tell their friends not to bother coming over. 
Eventually we got to the high street just as it started to spit with rain. So we decided to have lunch in the King and Castle. I can recommend the Tennessee chicken breast burger, with chips and onion rings which also includes a drink for only £6. After having lunch the rain had stopped, and so we made our way to the Chocolate Factory. 
Entering through the sliding glass doors the smell of sweet, freshly made, chocolate excited your nostrils. Loads of different types of chocolate were on display. They sold something for every budget and chocolaty taste, from dark chocolate fudge to hot chocolate sticks. Through a large glass window, at the back of the shop, you could see the owner making and preparing the chocolates. While we were there an excited group of children arrived for a chocolate making workshop, and we soon could see them making their own chocolates. After trying a generous handful of chocolate drops Wayne and I made some purchases before leaving. Yummy.