Freedom of the Borough Parade

Today we attended the Royal Military Academy, Freedom of the Borough Parade, in Camberley town centre, to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War One. We arrived early to secure a front row position and were pleased we did as the crowds were 7-8 people deep in places.Marching up to the town hall the troops then stood to attention where they were ordered by their officers to dress in an accurate line with not a sign of anyone out of position. Looking resplendent in their black and red uniforms, along with the famous khaki of the proud looking Ghurkhas.At this point the Mayor and senior military personnel descended the steps from the council buildings to take the salute and inspect the troops. Whilst this was taking place a military band played music to entertain the crowds. Union Jack flags were proudly waved adding to this magnificent scene.Speeches were given by the Mayor and Commander in Chief before the parade once again marched in perfect formation to the rousing sounds of the bands with the flag waving and cheering crowds.
I was lucky enough to have my photograph taken with some of the officers. You can see these, as well as other photos from the day, in the photo gallery by clicking the images.
The whole parade was filmed by Armed Forces