Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

Arriving at Reading town hall early, we waited patiently for about 15 minutes to be allowed into the foyer for the vintage fair. Inside there were many colourful rails of vintage clothing and accessories for us to browse through. I was able to purchase some sunglasses for the summer. 
In the main hall, on two levels, were hundreds of racks and rails of clothing to explore. There were knitted woollen jumpers, Del Boy jackets, shell suites, and all sorts of other vintage clothing and jewellery. After browsing around we came across a stall holder selling lots of Hawaiian Shirts. I could not resist these and thumbed through the rail to eventually pick a delightfully coloured specimen with a lion on it. 
After doing some more, now slower, window shopping we decided to enquire about the tea party bit of the fair that had been advertised but we had not seen. We were told that this was down stairs in the museum café. After leaving the hall, happy with our purchases, we made our way to the café where I had a scone with cream and jam and a coke (other brands available).www.thevintagefair.com