Milestones Living History Museum

On entry to the museum we first encountered dozens of old 1d penny arcade slot machines. There were all the games you would expect to find on a seaside pier including slot machines, horse racing games, pinball, puppet shows, fortune telling, and sweet grab machines. It took Wayne back to his childhood.
From there you are led into an old street scene with various shops where the staff were dressed in period costume. There is a fully operating pub and the landlady was in 1940’s dress. We took the opportunity to have a drink. For the first time ever I had Dandelion and Burdock in an old fashioned bottle.
We visited a Victorian cottage and spoke with a lady in period dress as she explained how washing clothes was done in a large stone sink with a fire underneath to heat the water.
Around the site there are many vehicles on display with old buses, steam rollers, carts, bikes, and trucks all looking very polished and smart.
As a radio enthusiast I was particularly interested in the old radio shop with scores of old radios lined up on the shelves.
In the traditional sweetshop we purchased some sweets using ration tokens that we had bought at reception.
There is lovely café area, with a Juke Box, which was serving food, but you can also bring sandwiches as there is an area set aside for picnics.Lastly, it is all under cover so it is a good place to visit when it is raining.Click the picture to see some more pictures of the day in the photo