Moscow State Circus

Yesterday I went to see the Moscow State Circus. I didn’t have to travel to Gorky Park in Moscow for this as they had set up a Big Top in Ascot.There were all the typical circus acts that you would expect. I really liked the Bathing Beauties. They were dressed in 1920’s swimsuits and performed acrobatic routines on a large steel wheel suspended high above the ring.The clown was very funny. As the equipment required for each act was set up he would interfere with this, and the crew, to muck it all up.The last act was a troupe dressed as a marching band with a giant swing. They slowly catapulted each other off the end of the swing, higher and higher, to be caught in a giant slide to bring them back into the ring.The access was good as we were able to park right outside the entrance and it was smooth or ramped all the way to my