Odd Jobs

After a deceiving morning of bright sunshine, an outbreak of rain made the walk into Wokingham a wet one. So we made a tactical change of plan and went to the Gig House for lunch and to dry off. I had the Southern-fried-style chicken strips with coleslaw and chips, washed down with a Pepsi (other brands available). 
Afterwards we went to Johnsons the dry cleaners to drop off my mum’s coat, then to W.H. Smiths to browse through the steam engine magazines to see if there was anything that I fancied, but not today.Then we went to Oxfam to recycle some old ink cartridges where I saw a book that I liked with old photographs of Berkshire. I may return to buy it another day. Next was Waitrose for some shopping and to drop off some batteries for recycling. Lastly we nipped into Martins the newsagents to look at their magazines, but still no luck. 
Before returning home we had a look at the notice board at the town hall to see what was on, and if anything is coming up.