Out and about

This morning we went to brave the English summer drizzle to find somewhere to eat for lunch. I fancied a new place in Wokingham called Cleaver which sells burgers, ribs, and chicken. A very straightforward menu choice.We had a very friendly welcome from our waiter, Jack. The restaurant was extremely accessible, all on one level, and although the tables in the middle had bench seats they were happy to remove one to allow for my chair.The flame grilling in the open kitchen looked exciting and produced lots of lovely cooking smells. The food was nicely prepared and presented and was very tasty. I had a cheeseburger with a side dish of sweet potato fries from the lunchtime menu.Our waiter, Jack, checked that we were OK, and then went on his lunch break so Lukas took over looking after us. Lukas explained that normally in Polish his name would begin with a £ sign. However if I wrote his name like that you would think that it was a typing error so we have anglicised it for you.After lunch we carried on with the regular chores such as depositing old batteries and used ink cartridges for recycling, taking some shoes to Oxfam. Not the ones we were wearing of course. Then, as the drizzle was persisting we decided to call it a day and head home.