Reading at War

The "Reading at War exhibition" at Reading museum displays the affect of all wars on the towns’ folk of Reading, from medieval times to the Second World War. 
A local hero of World War I was trooper Fred Potts of the Berkshire Yeomanry who was awarded the Victoria Cross for dragging a wounded colleague to safety during the Gallipoli campaign. To commemorate this brave young man a fund has been started to help build a life sized bronze sculpture depicting the actual rescue. One possible site for this is Forbury Gardens near the abbey ruins. A fitting honour for one of Reading’s local heroes. 
During the Second World War a single German bomber dropped a bomb which was a direct hit on a popular café known as The Peoples’ Pantry near Reading Town Hall. Approximately 40 people were killed and many injured. It could have been much worse however but it was half day opening and the town was very quiet. It must have been a terrifying experience bringing the war so close to