SHP Food Festival

Despite the pouring rain we trusted the weather forecast, with the promise of afternoon sunshine, and went to the South Hill Park food festival. And indeed the weather turned out to be bright and sunny as predicted.One of our first points of call was the Waitrose stall where we were encouraged to decorate our own gingerbread men by a lovely member of staff from head office called Carley.We tried everything on offer, honey, jams, chutneys, curries… At the sweet counter I could not resist buying a very long piece of blue liquorice filled with sherbet and some fudge for later on. Despite all the freebies my stomach cried out for more, especially when I spotted the barbeque where I enjoyed a succulent beef burger.There were also craft stalls including one selling puppets who recognised us from other events that we have been to. We were also recognised by Chutney Trace. So we better be on our best behaviour wherever we go in the future. It’s a small world out there.It’s so enjoyable visiting all of these events and you make friends as well as enjoying great products. We would encourage everyone to get out there and support local events especially those like this one which was