The Energy Show

This weekend we went to an explosive show explaining science to an enthusiastic audience at the Hexagon in Reading. This is an exciting show full of pops and bangs put on by the Science Museum, London.It takes the form of a stage play, where two scientific students have to complete a project to explain to the audience the different forms of energy in science and how to convert from one to another. One of the students is organised and wants to think things through, the other wants to blow things up. There is also a lab assistant to help and a large animated head called i-nstein to explain things as they go along.At the start of the show they bubble methane through a tray of soapy water to create methane bubbles. Then they set them alight to create a large fire ball converting the methane to sound, heat, and light. This did not make a very big bang though, but I could feel the heat given off from my seat at the back of the stalls. There followed a number of bangs getting progressively louder and louder."The faster the reaction, the bigger the bang!"All through the show there were scientific, Star Wars, and other science fiction film references. In fact it was difficult to keep up as almost every sentence was a film quote or had a scientific meaning.At the end of the show they put together all the things that they had demonstrated previously, using bigger equipment. This included hurling an Ewok into the audience to show the change from potential energy to kinetic energy. As well as shooting empty Coke bottles (other brands available) into the audience with an improvised rocket