The STEAM Museum

On Sunday I went to Swindon’s STEAM museum of the Great Western Railway (GWR). This is housed in the old workshops of the GWR where they used to build and maintain locomotives and rolling stock. During WWII they also made bombs and landing craft.The layout of the museum takes you through a sample of each workshop with atmospheric sounds and interactive displays.Health and safety was not as it is today and there were many accidents. If a worker lost a limb while working on site there was even a small workshop where they made prosthetic limb so that the company could provide a replacement.One of the highlights is a simulator that lets you drive a steam train and is accessible for wheelchairs.There is also an interactive signal box where you have to change the points and signals, to move a local train off the mainline, to let an express train through.Parking is easy and access is level or ramped