Two free things to do

Today we visited a free photographic exhibition in Camberley depicting streetscapes from around the world by different artists. The exhibition was organised by The Photographic Angle who use empty and disused buildings for exhibition space.On arrival we were clearly the first visitors of the day as the car park was deserted. A young lady at reception confirmed that we were the only visitors so far and that sometimes they don’t have any visitors at all.We were then directed to two rooms containing approximately twenty large canvas prints. Unfortunately as the venue was an empty office block, facilities like the lifts were not in operation and we were unable to view approximately half of the exhibition which was on the first floor.As we had spent rather less time in the exhibition than was expected we went for a short drive and seeing a brown sign followed that to see where it lead.Eventually we came across the stunning building of St. Michael’s Abbey in Farnborough. This abbey was built in the 1880’s and is run by a small order of brothers/monks who allowed us to look around at the beautiful and very peaceful setting. It was a hidden gem amongst the modern town surrounding it, built by Empress Eugenie in memorial to her husband Emperor Napoleon III and her son the Prince Imperial. All three are entombed in the family crypt which is in the grounds.There is an official tour at 3pm every Saturday.