Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Today we visited the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading. The museum was founded by Prof. Percy Neville Ure with his wife Dr.Annie Ure in 1922 when he established a Classics Department. Together they established the collection through donations, purchases and loans. They developed a specialist interest in Greek pottery at Rhitsona in Boeotia, a rural region of North Athens. Dr. Annie Ure was the curator for 50 years. 
Housed in a fairly small room, for students of ancient Greek and Egyptian history it is an Aladdin’s cave. Many items, including pots, jewellery, and numerous other artefacts are shown in glass showcases. Lots of the items that were found were damaged in the ground but have been carefully restored. 

The museum caters for individual visitors and school parties. Access for wheelchairs is very good with the museum sited on the ground floor in the Classics Department and disabled parking is available close by.www.reading.ac.uk/Ure/index.php