Wokingham Festival

In town this weekend on Elms Field was the Wokingham festival of food and music. There was a big marquee of stalls selling all sorts of culinary treats. There was also an area of tables where you could sit and eat lunch while listening to music from the music stage. I had a Thai curry from one stall, while Wayne had a vegetarian roll from another, while listening to a local singer songwriter.As we walked around we met and talked to many people who we had met at other event through the year, including Chutney Trace.The afternoon was filled with music including solo singers, an operatic group, and a ukulele ensemble, all of whom were fantastic.Outside of the festival site, one of this year’s attractions was a number of graffiti artists from all over the country who had been commissioned to decorate the hoardings surrounding Elms Field. One of the works is in memory of Ollie Young, a young boy who tragically died from a brain tumour just before his sixth birthday, which lead to the formation of the Ollie Young Foundation who raise money for paediatric brain tumour research. We talked with one of the artists, known as the Monkey Man due to his speciality in painting monkeys in his work.Click any of the images to see some more photographs.www.wokinghamfestival.co.uk