A relaxing morning in the sun

On Sunday I was marshalling the Wokingham Half Marathon. The weather was ideal for running and spectating alike as the sun was shining and it was not too cold once the frost had thawed. I was very warm under my thermals.The checkpoint where I was stationed was out in the countryside. There were no leaves on the trees and the bushes so you could see through to the fields beyond, with a blue sky and not a cloud in sight.I listened to the radio and could determine that the runners were on their way. After the first few leaders went past there was a big gap before the other runners arrived. There were runners of all shapes and sizes, many from different running clubs. Our race marshals were enthusiastic in clapping and cheering them on, calling their names if they could be seen on their tee-shirts.This is a relaxing event and was a good start to the marshalling season.www.wokinghamhalfmarathon.co.uk