A roaring success

On Saturday morning we spotted dinosaurs roaming around the Hexagon theatre in Reading looking hungry and searching for suitable prey. Australian puppeteers, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, had come to Reading to perform a show about dinosaurs from the southern hemisphere.The show is to introduce the science of palaeontology by presenting the life style and eating habits of different dinosaurs. Children were called onto the stage to interact with the wild beasts but it was not until they were face to face with the dinosaur that they found out if it was carnivorous or vegetarian. Some children were given appropriate food while others were encouraged to put their head in the dinosaur’s mouth (very brave).Using extra long fishing poles some very large dragon fly type insects, with bodies the size of a man’s arm, flew out into the audience to shrieks and screams.After the show there was a "meet and greet" session where you could get up really close to the tamer varieties.dinosaurzoolive.com