Always read the small print

In my search for something to do this weekend I found the Festival of Folk at South Hill Park in Bracknell. This was advertised as a ticketed event for £25, but on closer inspection of the flier I noticed that it was only £5 for the Saturday afternoon and £22 for the evening. Result! Even better you only had to pay for the entertainment in the Wilde Theatre while there was 8 hours of FREE entertainment elsewhere in the house and in a marquee outside. Double Result! Not one to pass up the opportunity of a free event this is where I went. 
When we arrived we found our way to the large marquee and sat down at a table to listen to a relaxed afternoon of varied folk music. The play order of the groups was set out on a chalk board to one side of the stage. Each group had their own unique sound made with a selection of different instruments including mandolin, guitar, banjo and cajon box drum. The music was accompanied by solo singers or close harmony voices. 
We were sitting at the front of the tent by the stage so we were able to get talking with a number of the various acts as they came on and off the stage. It was all very friendly and we got talking with other members of the audience as well. 
Outside of the marquee there were various stalls that you could walk around selling jewellery, clothes, and other festival type items. CDs were available in a popup record shop in the house. 
All in all an excellent afternoon of free