Arborfield Village Fete

This weekend was the Arborfield Village Fete which was held in the large village park. A variety of stalls were around the perimeter of the field and there were sectioned areas for different entertainment. Proceedings were officially opened by the new Wokingham Borough Mayor, Councillor Parry Batth, who welcomed everyone. Then entertainment was kicked off by the children of the Coombes School with a small choir who sang for us. Another group gave a Recorder performance. There was also a number of children who did a colourful May Pole dance.The soldiers from the REME garrison had brought along a small tank and helicopter to look over. They were very friendly and chatty, and talked about the inside of the helicopter, which had a big array of exciting looking buttons. Wayne wondered about a particularly big button which looked as though it should only be pressed in an emergency.Members from the Royal British Legion Riders Branch had their motorbikes on display. These were highly polished, shiny, machines that I really liked.A large audience assembled in front of the classic red and white striped Punch and Judy tent. Mr Punch came out and the show began with lots of slapstick and audience laughter. Following tradition there was a lot of gratuitous violence with a warning to children not to do this at home. Of course Mr Punch got severely dealt with in the end by the long arm of the law.In a small arena, to one side, there were many proud dog owners who had brought along their dogs to show off. There wasn’t a commentator for this so it was difficult to work out exactly what was going on. But after they had paraded around a bit some of the dogs were awarded rosettes to the delight of their owners. Afterwards I was able to meet a Husky called Shadow who had won a number of said rosettes.A Tae Kwon Do demonstration took place in the main arena. This was given by young people from the local martial arts group. One of them took a running jump over five others on the ground, and performed a high kick to a pad held out by their leader. There were also demonstrations of other skills, and then they invited brave children in the audience to also have a go.Teams from the REME soldiers and the Bramshill Hunt Pub took on the challenge of the rope in a mighty Tug of War battle. The public address man, wearing a cowboy outfit, called “three, two, one, GO!” and each team tried to pull the other over the marker lines. With lots of grunting and straining this went on for a while until one of the teams collapsed.In the background the Bracknell and Wokingham, Breakaway Brass band played an eclectic mix of “music for a summer’s day” with both classic and modern pieces.   Click the image to see some more