Better than André Rieu ??

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke for a Johann Strauss Gala. This was a special show to celebrate the fact that it has been going for 40 years.Our seats were only a couple of rows from the front of the stage with a perfect eye line view. At the back of the orchestra stood tall candelabras lamps to create mood lighting and atmosphere.Proceedings were led by conductor and presenter Rainer Hersch in a light hearted and funny manner, with jokes running between the music to keep the entertainment flowing.There was lots of interaction between the conductor and the orchestra, with the percussion section always being in trouble. At one point one of the percussionists took the baton from Rainer and conducted the orchestra himself. In retaliation a xylophone was called for. This was wheeled onto the side of the stage where Rainer played along to the music.After a joke about the sounds that are made by a computer, the orchestra played the start up, shutdown, and other sounds made by Windows compiled into a ‘Windows Waltz’. Once the final shutdown sound had been played all the lights in the theatre were turned off plunging us into complete darkness.All the waltzes and polkas were accompanied by the athletic troop the Johann Strauss Dancers. Dressed in sumptuous costumes, which they changed for every number, they danced effortlessly around the