Camberley Car Show 2015

This weekend I went to Camberley for the Camberley Car Show in the town centre. This was where several streets became pedestrianised for the day and were filled with cars and vehicles on static display for people to look at.

There was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, ‘Bloodhound’ the car that is hoping to break the land speed record, and the vintage 6 wheeled Tyrrell Formula One car, as well as many others.
Some of the exhibitors had brought their cars to life with subtle embellishments such as a burger meal for the drive-in movie, and a truck with a skeleton wearing a Stetson.
There were also areas for military vehicles, a group of Triumph Stags, an old Routemaster Bus, as well as vintage Fire Engines.
Wandering through the crowds there were a number of entertainers such as a band walking along playing jazz, some stilt walkers, and some guy dressed as The Stig.
I found it slightly deceiving as when you thought you had seen it all there were more cars tucked down the side streets.Lots of photos in the gallery if you click the