Coffee Concert

This year is the 5th Windsor Festival. There are many events in and around Windsor Town to choose from. On Saturday we went to the Schools’ Coffee Concert in Windsor Parish Church.On arrival we were puzzled as to where we could enter with my chair as there are many steps leading up to the main entrance. Wayne left me at the bottom of the steps and went in and asked about access for wheelchairs. On returning, we went around to the back of some restaurants, through a tunnelled access, which lead to the graveyard and the side of the church, where they had opened the fire exit for me.Inside the church we were directed to a space for wheelchairs. The only place where Wayne could sit where he was close to me was in the space reserved for the mayor. When I say space I mean a very large stately chair raised on a dais. Not that this went to his head or anything. Did it m’lud’?The concert consisted of many choirs, soloists, and a percussion group from local schools. They played to the packed audience of very proud parents and grandparents.