Hot cross buns

For us this morning there wasn’t the usual Bank Holiday lay in and we were up at the usual time. Once we had got ready and packed the car with our marshalling gear we were off to marshal the Maidenhead Easter 10 running race.Stationed on the perimeter of the White Waltham Airfield at about 6 miles around the course we helped our marshals set up the water station before the race start.As usual the marshals for this race were all very friendly and there was a real family atmosphere as there were several young children helping out.Over the radio we could hear excited activity from the commentator as the race was counted down to the horn signalling the start. As we listened to the other radio stations on the route we could hear as they made their approach. At first there were only one or two runners and I radioed in their numbers to the commentary team. The numbers of runners passing increased until at one time there seemed like there was a bit of a traffic jam as a large number of runners tried to grab some water from the waiting marshals all at once.As the number of runners started to thin out I was able to take a break and enjoy a couple of cold hot cross buns if you know what I mean.It was a good morning for running as the cold and damp conditions made for quite a fast race. It wasn’t long before we were packing up to go home.