Light entertainment

On Saturday I went to Wokingham Town Centre for the Sunny Saturday’s entertainment in Market Place. The Signature Singers were performing a range of female voice Barber Shop numbers. This confident choir sang light relaxed numbers that were easy for the shoppers to stop and listen to. 

There was also a stand promoting the local Royal British Legion as it was V.J. Day. Here I chatted to the people on the stall and as I was purchasing a quantity of pin badges they were interested in my pin badge collecting. I have a number of different ‘poppy’ badges that I have collected over the years from the Royal British Legion as well as some from Ypres that I have been given.One of the people that I spoke to is the local organiser for the British Legion. He asked if we were going to be around for a bit and could we come back later. On our return he had nipped back to the office and had brought a small box full of badges from previous commemorations. I was lucky enough to add a few more to my collection. Thank you.