Mud, mud, glorious mud

On Saturday I went to Reading Museum to see the new exhibition exploring the history behind the river Thames. On display are a number of artefacts that have been found in the mud. These included human skulls, flints, swords, and even a German SA (Sturmabteilung) Second World War dagger.There is a display about a lady who was paid to adopt young babies and children. But she was not as nice as you would imagine as she often killed the children and put their bodies in the river to save having to clothe and feed them.There was also a display about a group of people called "Mudlarks" who would dredge the shores of the river to make a living from selling their finds. As items dredged from the Thames were sought after some of the Mudlarks would fake items. Now some of the fakes are worth more than the original items.The exhibition also displays many pictures painted by artists over the years showing many views of the river from different areas along its