Nuffield Place

On Bank Holiday Monday we went to the National Trust property Nuffield Place. This was the home of Lord Nuffield who had a car factory in Oxford and was responsible for designing and building the Morris range of cars. As it was a Bank Holiday the Morris Oxford owners’ club were there displaying their highly polished cars in front of the house. 

We met our friends for lunch, and had a very nice sandwich on the café terrace with them, while we caught up on news. As it was so busy there were timed tickets for the house. We waited until our allotted time and then were able to go inside. Inside the house there was a number of rooms set out just as they would have been when the house was occupied. It has a very homely feel as it is reasonably modern and only small. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to the first floor, but there is a book of pictures so that you can see what you are missing.After the look around the house we spent some time looking at the cars before exploring the immaculate and pretty gardens. We then spent some time sitting on a bench enjoying the sunshine. When it started to get a bit cold so we made our way to the café marquee which was now open and had another cup of tea this time with a bit of cake and a long chat.Before leaving we had a look in the walled garden where there was a shed containing an original ‘Iron Lung’. This is a machine, which was invented by Lord Nuffield, in which a patient with breathing difficulties, usually caused by Polio, was placed. The air was then sucked out, and pumped in, around them to make their lungs expand and contract to help them breath. There was also a garage containing his own Wolseley car to look at.