Reddam House Christmas Fair

Today we visited Henry Street garden centre for a relaxed drink and a wander around the Christmas decorations. We were delighted to see two real live reindeer called Dancer and Prancer ,who were sleeping in a stabled area to recover from a heavy schedule of night flying training (or so the sign said).
We then proceeded to Reddam House Christmas fair which was held in the beautiful old school building. Some army cadets were helping with the parking and found us a good spot by the entrance. I then made my way into the house like the king of Sheba being lifted and transported up the steps and through the entrance by the cadets. Well done lads and lasses, but they really ought to get a ramp.
Inside there was much to see with a large variety of stalls. We met some lovely people and enjoyed a delicious hot jacket potato with filling, followed by a kebab stick loaded with goodies including marshmallows, speared jelly babies, and a doughnut, all covered in a thick, runny, chocolate sauce from the chocolate fountain.
To one side of a stunning large Christmas tree a pianist was playing carols to provide a special Christmas atmosphere.