Trunkwell House Christmas Fair

Well, with Halloween over, and my beauty sleep broken by the whiz and bangs of fireworks outside, Christmas is the next big thing on the calendar. Although I like to be prepared, and have been shopping for presents already, the annual Christmas Fair at Trunkwell House marks the start of the final countdown to the big day.
Inside the main marque were lots of lovely gift ideas including colourful lamps from Turkey and shiny jewellery. In the food marque they were selling cheese, wine, cakes, sweets, and even samosas. Also available were hot sausage rolls, and bacon and cheese turnovers. Just outside there were large beefy burgers cooking on a BBQ. All of which I couldn’t resist.
We tried our luck on the Ollie Young Foundation tombola several times without success. I was able to purchase a glass Christmas tree bauble to hang on our tree at home.
We came across one of Santa’s elves, who had escaped from the Grotto, and was kind enough to pose for a photo. I did ask, but she couldn’t say whether I was on the naughty or nice list this year, but not to worry as Santa always checks the lists twice. However she did reveal that the North Pole had received a large lorry load of coal recently. That must be for my steam