TVP Open Day

On Saturday was the Thames Valley Police Open Day where members of the public could see displays of training exercises, and listen to talks, given by members of the different branches of the police. There were also units of other police units and partner emergency services that help the police on some of their daily callouts. 
The first display of the day was given by the dog search and rescue unit. These dogs are highly trained and are able to search for missing people by scent which is a few days or hours old. So they got children to hide in small tent structures and the dogs to find them for a reward of their ball. 
The display of the mounted section of the police was demonstrating how they train horses and then send them out on crowd control duty. For this they got some volunteers from the audience to be mock crowd and create lots of noise and distractions. The horses went through the centre of the crowd very calmly to demonstrate how they are very calm. 
The police helicopter went up and around the arena while police cars were doing a slow chase with sirens blazing and lights flashing to demonstrate how they would do a police chase. A different dog unit was called for and a German Sheppard dog was released to catch the suspect. 
Through the museum was another field where there were stalls promoting various emergency service related groups. Here we met a lady from COPS (Care of Police Survivors) who support the families of policemen killed while on duty. There was also the police choir sitting on the lawn playing instruments and singing. 
Unfortunately access was a bit of a nightmare as the disabled car park was not clearly signposted. There were also no ramps to allow access out of the museum on to the back field so I was manhandled down three steps.