We’re hard core

At Reading Quarry in Burghfield there was a little advertised event taking place. Following the Demolition Expo 2015 for NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) there was a free family fun day which I thought might be a bit different.Arriving on site there was the sound of crashing and bashing as we made our way to the entrance tent. Inside there were company trade stands giving out free merchandise. I was given an orange hi-vis jacket to wear.Emerging from the other side of the tent there was a long line of diggers and lorries. Some of these were being used for live demonstrations. We watched a digger with a grabber thing on the end grabbing steel girders and ripping them apart. Another demonstration showed how dextrous the machines could be as it was picking up footballs from the tops of some traffic cones and putting them through a basketball hoop. Elsewhere they were smashing up concrete with machinery. There was a big mobile conveyer belt thing that was transporting lumps of concrete from one end to the other. A small vehicle was pulling a train of tiny oil drum cars for children to ride around the site.An area had been set aside for several different types of food vans where you could buy lunch. I demolished a large beefy builder’s burger.Although the organisers had made an attempt of building a temporary pathway it was sometimes very difficult going for my wheelchair, but Wayne and I are both hard core and this did not detract from a good day out.Click the digger to see more photos.demolition-nfdc.com/event/demolitionexpo201520150626.html